Face Masks Mixes


Exfoliate and Detoxify with our Dry Facial Mask! Bentonite clay removes toxins from the skin helping the skin to heal. It reduces inflammation and lightens the appearance of acne marks while reducing redness.

  • Quanity: 1
  • Weight: 4oz/113.39g




TRY THIS: Add one tablespoon of the dry mixture to a bowl, slowly stir in room temperature water and a teaspoon of honey (optional) to a consistency that is easy to apply to the skin with a brush. Gently exfoliate in circular motion while mixture is moist, allow to dry. Rinse face well with water to remove the dry mask then moisturize as needed. For extra dry skin add a teaspoon of your favourite oil.

KEEPSAKE: These uniquely shaped jars are perfect for storing spices such as salt for cooking.

No stress for Mother Earth!

INGREDIENTS: Bentonite clay (Bentonite), Moringa oleifera (Moringa leaf), Powder Pumice (Volcanic Ash)

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