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bahamaSpa™ is a simple luxury from paradise – no harmful chemicals & skin delicious. A bath and body line of products made to bring the healing power of ocean water, sea salt and premium quality edible oils, herbs and botanicals to your skin.  bahamaSpa™ products are uniquely packaged, an eco & skin friendly line of products the reminds you to relax like you do on vacation. It truly is “a little piece of paradise to take home”.


Sea Salt Soap Scrubs

Our Sea Salt Soap Scrubs come in a set of two complimentary fragrances. They are a practical, sea salt exfoliating scrub and soap combined into a fragrant long lasting bar. These scrubs are made with nourishing butters and oils, combined with exfoliating sea salt and natural seeds.


“My products from bahamaspa brought such a  feeling of the island to my bathroom and to my skin. From the natural packaging, to the fragrance and the colors, I was immediately taken to a feeling of sun and relaxation. I love the way the fragrance lingers  in my bathroom beautiful product for all the senses”

Cynthia K | London On, Canada

BahamaSpa products are a feast to my senses. Every box and bottle reveals a burst of colours and out-of-this-world scents! I get happily lost in my scent memories. I also really appreciate how nourished my skin feels.

Kimya Glasgow |  St Vincent & the Grenadines

“I really love your soap scrub as I feel like I am in the spa every time I use it in my bath! The scent and packaging are unmatched! Looking forward to exploring your full line in my bath and body experience!”

Lizra | Dominica

“Des produits d’une grande qualité et authentiques! Je voyage chaque fois que j’utilise  BahamaSpa! J’ai un petit faible pour les crèmes qui sont si légères et sentent tellement bon que l’on a envie de les manger! BahamaSpa c’est vraiment de la nourriture pour la peau!”

Italia Watkins-Jan | France

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